Draft is Approaching Fast

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2016 NFL Draft ApproachingWith the draft right around the corner it’s feeling a little like football season again. Ted Thompson went out of his norm and signed a free agent to fill a need on offense with TE Jared Cook. While he may not be a player most teams would covet, he’s a perfect fit for the Packers.

Some are comparing him to Jermichael Finley, which he is in body size, but Cook is faster. This will be deadly in routes down the seam because he will draw a safety to him and it leaves Nelson and Cobb with single coverage.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

Thompson just cut Nate Palmer for reasons unspecified, but stats tell it all. He was out of position on way too many run plays last year, and his coverage skills, for lack of a better word, suck!

So this leaves Sam Barrington and Jake Ryan as the primary starters, with Carl Bradford and Joe Thomas as the back up ILB’s. We don’t know where Bradford is on his development so he could be a surprise this season. He has the size and speed to be both a chaser and thumper. I, for one, believe if Barrington comes back fully healthy he will be a beast. He earned the job of play caller last season and was doing a good job, until he was injured. So, he and Ryan, who was stepping up big at the end of the season, can solidify the middle as the run stopper and the chaser.

There will be no need for Ted to draft a ILB in the first round and that will be big. Now he can go after a big lineman, whether it be defense or offense, with his first pick. Personally, I hope we can get one of the Alabama boys in Reed or Robinson, then go after a offensive player in the second like WR or even another TE. But, I think Ted will target big guys in the early rounds since they’re deep with talent this year.

Most will argue I’m way off base because they want Ted to go after ILB/OLB like Ragland or Lee. And, while it could be the route Thompson goes, I just feel those positions can be filled in the mid rounds, but leave us a comment down below or on our Facebook page about which direction you feel the team needs to go.

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