3…[4]…14…15…66…92: The Packers Schedule Retirement of Brett Favre’s Jersey

Well, it’s official! The Packers today announced that they will induct Brett Favre into the Packers brettkidHall of Fame and retire his jersey in 2015. Packers President Mark Murphy made the announcement about the jersey retirement while Perry Kidder, President of the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame announced the induction.


2015 will be 45th anniversary of the Packers Hall of Fame and the first inductee will be none other than your own Brett Favre! What a momentous occasion as the Hall of Fame expands to a new two-story space and at the same time welcomes Brett Favre back into the fold. Packernation will be abuzz with anticipation of that induction banquet…slated for July 18th, 2015.

But that is not all…Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy also announced the retirement of Brett Favre’s jersey at the same time, the first time these two events have happened simultaneously…in Packers history! Well I thought it couldn’t get better but then we heard from Bob Harlan who spoke of the way in which Brett brought a franchise that could not compete in the NFL to a point of seemingly perpetual excellence…the smallest town in the NFL with a bigger punch than cities like New York, Los Angeles, St. Louis and New Orleans. This is Green Bay Wisconsin…home of the Green  Bay Packers!

On that day…Brett Favre’s jersey…number 4…will join those of just FIVE other Packers to be retired on the North end of Lambeau Field. His will be raised aloft to join those of Tony Canadeo, Don Hutson, Bart Starr, Ray Nitschke, and yes…Reggie White. The symbolism is obvious…”no one will wear your number again…because there will never again be another player like you!”

Steve Mariucci chimed in to congratulate Brett… and then…Brett himself got on the line to say a few things to Packernation. He expressed how honored he was to be able to be counted among the greats of the greatest sports franchise in the world. He answered Steve Mariucci’s question as to whether he would be open to coming back to Green Bay before the induction in 2015 by saying yes, he would love that and “wouldn’t it be nice to flip a coin with Bart Starr before a game…I think that would be an electric moment.”

Brett left no doubt as to how he thought of himself and his loyalties…stating “That’s what I am is a Packer and always want to be remembered as that”, he also said “I am a Packer, will always be a Packer…it was like borrowed time playing elsewhere.”

Brett related the excitement of being inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame and having his jersey retired to his first NFL victory…the moment he threw the touchdown pass to Kitrick Taylor. “I look forward to it.”

brettjerseymemeAnd finally, a couple of quotes from the two who really made this thing happen…

Brett Favre: “It is time to come back.” …Bob Harlan: “It’s good to have old friends home again…”

Agreed? What do you think Packernation? Leave me a comment below.




3…[4]…14…15…66…92: The Packers Schedule Retirement of Brett Favre’s Jersey — 29 Comments

  1. I wish they were doing it at the last Regular Season Home game this year and let him take one snap before the end of the game. Or even the first snap to start the game! He is one of the GREAT QB’s of all time.

  2. So excited-I wish it was sooner, I wish it was at half time of the first home game of the season-this year or next, but seeing what he had to say too-awesome-I like how he described his years away too-I love that guy-this is one owner that couldn’t be happier about this!!!

  3. The speech that Bob Harlan made gave me chills. Can you imagine the feeling when Brett walks back onto Lambeau next year? “Breath taking” would be a understatement!

  4. I started watching football when Baltimore did not have a team. I stumbled upon the Packers and this guy whose name was not pronounced as it was spelled. But I was pulled in because this guy was having fun. Been a Packer fan since. I am glad Brett is coming back to the fold.

    • You’re definitely right there! In an NFL where too many players are onky in it for the money, Brett played for the absolute love kof the game and out his heart in it! Thanks for the comment!

  5. I agree that it is time to bring Brett back. His love of the game made being a packer fan fun and exciting. Farve 4 ever!

  6. I’m glad too that Brett is coming “home”. He set more records than ANYONE in Packer history. I’m also glad that Brett feels the way he does about things, and I hope the Packer fans act like grown-ups.

  7. You deserve this Brett!!! As someone stated in a comment earlier, I wish it was the first day you stepped on the field to play for the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau field. You were fun to watch and many people love you for making Green Bay what it is up till Aaron Rodgers. I hope and pray to God that I will be able to attend the game you will be at, because even though you might’ve played for other teams after your retirement from the Packers, I followed you and bought all of your jerseys. I’ve prayed for both you and your family during troubled times but I always knew you would always be a Green Bay Packer forever in your heart! Kudos for taking the highroad Brett!!!! Just remember, those people who may boo you at Lambeau Field are truly, and never will be a real true Packer fan! Sincerely, one of your true and dedicated Packer fan. God bless you and your family.

  8. Hoorayfinally , long over due,something I’ve waited a long time for. Brett loved the game so much he didn’t no when to retire!if more players had his feeling for the game they would be Bowl winners all the time.

  9. Did they say if they were going to do a jersey retirement at halftime at a game this year and what game it would be. Favre the MAN thanks

  10. #4 Lover forever I loved to watch his enthusiasm playing the game always a fun loving guy. Never a dull moment so many games I found all of us sitting on the edge of our seats… How many times did we all yell at the tv really Bret good lord… omg I can’t believe he did that yes I heard those words time and time again. You got me hooked on watching your talent which made the hubby happy I was partaking in time with him lol. Little did he know I was watching for different reasons lol. Good times many Packer parties…. Time to come home and see that respect again you gave many years to the Packers and you deserve all that love and respect.

  11. Outstanding news from Packer nation. This is the way its supposed to be. I have been a Packer fan all of my life. I watched us win the first 2 super bowls, learned to play football from Lombardi coached team’s, and then went through 29 yrs of frustration. The first and only Packer game I have attended in Lambeau field was also the first time I watched Brett play. Packers football returned that day.thank you #4 it was always a pleasure to watch you play. Now I have to find tickets to the celebration. Go Pack Go

  12. Brett is my favorite Packers player & I always call him ” my boy”! I’m truly a fan & we had a lot of lean years before he joined our team. Thanks to Ron Wolff for hiring him & Mike Holmgren for coaching him to play his very best. I knew that every time he & his team ran onto the field that they were going to bring 100% of their effort & skill to every game. I loved watching him play, as he brought excitement back to Packers games. He certainly deserves to have his number retired! Congrats!

  13. Can’t say enuff about Brett,always my fave, he luved the game it was like watching the VERY BEST QB IN HISTORY have fun doing wht he luved to do. He played w/ his heart, his excitement was so much fun to watch! Can’t wait for this exciting day, what a thrill it will be to see him back where he made history, & brought the name of GREEN BAY PACKER to every body,just think ourlittle town made all sit up & take notice of such great games!

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