3 Reasons the Packers Will Beat the Seahawks

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Aaron Rodgers Frozen TundraThe Packers have won back to back games now each one increasingly getting more and more challenging. The Eagles in Philly was followed by the Texans at Lambeau, and the next game will continue that trend. 

The Seahawks have eight wins under their belts and have played some really good ball…better than either the Eagles or the Texans. Still, they showed some serious chinks in their armor when they took on the up and coming Buccaneers, and the Packers are in a great position to penetrate those chinks with some deadly blows. 

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

The Frozen Tundra Part 2

The temps are going to be chilly for the game and it looks like there will be a good deal of snow. As we saw last week against the Texans, a little snow makes it really difficult to cut or even to get leverage and keep the pile moving downfield. Those are the two things the make Thomas Rawls so difficult to stop. He can plant a foot and make a lightening fast cut, then get back north and south just as quick. He doesn’t quite steamroll defenders like Eddie Lacy can but has great balance and is difficult to bring down even after you’ve wrapped him. 

A nice snow will take both of these away from Rawls. On Sunday, were going to see Rawls struggle to get yardage and it’s going to force the Seahawks to throw the ball. 

 Shaky footing will also help the Packer defense contain the elusive Russell Wilson. Wilson and Rodgers have very different styles when they run. Aaron tends to see an opening and run a straight line to wherever he goes. Russell, on the other hand, does a lot of weaving. Straight works fine in snow, weaving… not so much. 

Even their styles of play in the pocket are very different in a way that will give the Packers an advantage. Wilson does a ton of actual running in the pocket. Aaron does a great deal more step here, step there. That is, when he’s given a decent amount of protection. Something that should be easier on Sunday as the snow will slow down the Hawks’ speed rush. 

Packer ILBs Get Healthier

Jake Ryan’s return last week was a huge relief. He didn’t make a big splash in his first game back but his presence meant we didn’t have to rely so much on Joe Thomas (sigh). 

This week, Jake is not only back but has had another week to get even healthier.  There’s something about getting your leading tackler back and healthy just in time to meet a scary good rushing team that makes you feel much more confident. 

Plus, Blake Martinez is still listed as questionable for the game against Seattle. It’s more difficult to tell without the former “probable” listing but there’s a chance we might see both our starting ILBs for the game. 

Packer Offense Looks More Like…Well…The Packer Offense

Of all the things that have encouraged me over the past couple games, probably the thing that is most encouraging is the fact that the Packer offense looks so much more like themselves. Even though we’re still dealing with a crazy running back situation, they’re moving the ball, controlling the clock, and, most importantly scoring. 

Inside the red zone, Nelson and Adams rank among the best in the league, and inside the ten, Adams and Cobb are tops in the league. 

I loved watching the offense control the clock in both the game against the Eagles and the game against the Texans. It was so important that our devastated defense was spending less time on the field and our offense taking control of the pace of the game. 

More of that kind of play will dominate the game against the Seahawks. Our offense will plod down the frozen tundra, and Russell Wilson and Thomas Rawls will just stand there and watch it happen. 

I Feel It in the Wind

The tundra wind has brought change to Lambeau field but it accompanies a much more exciting change. Progressively more difficult opponents overcome in battle, signal that the Packers are peaking at the right time, and at the same time, getting increasingly healthier for a final push at the end of the 2016 campaign that will send chills up our spines the likes of which only the Frozen Tundra has beheld. 


Brady Augustine is co-owner and content creator for www.greenbaypackernation.com. He currently resides in Tennessee and also conspires with brother, JR on www.cheesnewswire.com

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