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3 Things We’re NOT Worried About

The game against the Eagles revealed some things about the Pack that are seriously messed up. Some of which, we thought we had fixed. Some of which, we hoped we had fixed.

Despite the mounting question marks where we hoped we had answers, there are three things that we’re not worried about going into week one against the Bears.

#1 – The Offensive Line will be Solid

There wasn’t much room for Lacy to run in week three of the preseason, and Brett had to do a lot of escaping from a collapsing pocket. Most of that was due to the fact that the Packers were sitting so many starting offensive linemen. There will be little doubt that those linemen will be ready for week one of the 2015 season. They’ll continue to be solid. They’ll continue to give Lacy running lanes. And, they’ll continue to give Aaron plenty of time to find whatever wide receivers we put on the field.

I was incredibly impressed with Hundley’s poise when the pocket broke down, and I wonder just what he could have accomplished behind the entire #1 offensive line. I wish he had been given that chance, but it was the smart move to rest the starting line and give the little injuries time to recover going into the season.

#2 – The Wide Receivers will be Productive

Even if Cobb can’t go against the Bears, Aaron will continue to find open receivers. A quarterback the caliber of Aaron Rodgers can utilize his pin-point accuracy to make solid receivers look outstanding. Plus, I really think the Packers have a ton of talent in the wide receiver depth. Miles White showed he can catch just about anything thrown his way when he’s focusing hard enough. Ty Montgomery showed he can break away. Davante Adams was good early on in 2014 and just got better as the season went along.

The other thing that the Packers have going for them is that they have some solid tight ends. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the Pack use a two tight end set regularly to offer additional blocking for Lacy with the threat of a short pass and rumble.

#3 – The Bears Still Suck

In this league (and especially this division) you never say never, but if you’ve watched any of the Bears preseason first quarters, you’ve seen the Bears starters look like no match for the Packers’ #3s.