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3 Ways Mike Daniels Embodies Everything the Packers Are

Mike Daniels is an explosive player in more ways than one. On the field, he is a beast…I recently quipped that the Army had called Daniels on the phone to see if they could recruit him to drop out of planes as a bunker buster. During the loss to the Colts, I stood speechless watching Daniels take not one, not two…but three players to task and almost sack Andrew Luck for a safety. But to me, right now, Mike Daniels is more than just a dominant player…he embodies a lot of who the Packers are right now.

Here are three reasons I say this:

1. Daniels was counted out

A lot of people in PackerNation have counted out the Packers with the loss against the Colts. But the fact of the matter is that this team is one game away from on top even though their record is .500. Mike Daniels knows what that is like. Coming out of college, Daniels was considered to be “too small” and a bad fit for a defensive interior. Check out what the NFL site said on his draft profile:

“Daniels is undersized and gets engulfed by bigger blockers and double teams. His strength and effort will suffice, but bigger players have a clear advantage on him at times. He will have to be placed in good spots and schemes to be effective inside in the NFL.”

A lot of the angst in PackerNation is over the Packers difficult schedule coming up and the fact that if they can’t turn things around against the Colts…this road trip won’t be any easier. In short, a lot of people are counting the Packers out (and it is a just concern) but Mike Daniels has showed that playing with your back against the wall of the disbelief of others can motivate to greatness. This Packers team, right now like Daniels, has the chance to play with a chip. Nobody thinks they will be good enough against tough competition.

2. Daniels is ANGRY

Reports of Mike Daniels cussing in the shower with some team-mates surfaced shortly after the game. Daniels explained that he was “pissed”…nothing could be better for our Packers defense. If we had a defense filled with Mike Daniels’…the Packers would be undefeated teams with the Packers on their schedules would be closing the franchise (though we might be burnt in coverage from time to time).

Not enough of the Packers’ defense plays with that kind of chip. I hope that changes this week, and Daniels has said that there are a lot of players in the Packers’ locker room that are pissed. We will see if they play that way this weekend against the Titans.

3. Mike Daniels is taking a long, hard look at the prospect of another off-season of futility

In his locker room interview this week, Daniels made it clear that he understood that the change needs to take place now because time is running out. Getting things fixed is not just a one player or one coach kind of thing. There seems to be some laxity pervading both the offensive and the defensive side of things. And this past week we saw it seem into the special teams as well. Tim is running out for the Packers to right this ship after a long road trip comes a December that starts with the Seahawks and ends with a run of NFC North rivalry games.

Go Pack!