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4 Possibilities…What is YOUR Pick?

The only thing becoming clearer as the time to the draft hits the two week mark is that the Packers number 29 decision is unclear. One thing I believe that Packer Nation has to get used to is the idea that two very good players, perhaps at different positions will be staring Ted Thompson in the eye when the Packers go on the clock. If it was only cornerbacks that seem to be rising to the surface as the Packers’ first pick, there would be debate about which was better, or a better fit, or more versatile. This year, nothing is clear about the Packers’ pick. There is a range of thought and a wide range of players with very different situations that have been seen as “on the Packers’ radar”. Today, we take a current cross-section from four widely known draftniks and put their picks side by side (anonymously…no hating :D) and let you make the pick. I will put an “other” category so you have a way out if you don’t like any of them but there really ought to be a lot of discussion on these. One is a beleagured back, two are need-fillers, and one a fan-fave…enjoy and please comment back here or on the facebook page as to why you made your choice!