7 round mock draft

With the draft right around the corner I wanted to put together my mock draft, positions of need versus best available player has always been the topic in Green Bay so the arguments are plenty among fans. Personally I like combining the two if possible and maybe out of seven picks at least two pan out to be great players and if the football Gods smile on us, maybe four or five turn into good players!

So here are my picks.

1st round

Joe Mixon RB, Oklahoma, I know a lot of fans will say no we need a corner or pass rusher here but I believe this kid is a top ten talent and because of his mistakes as a young man his draft stock has dropped significantly so if he is there at 29 he will be a steal, His style of running makes Lacy look like a high school player, Speed, Power and a twitch in his step makes him a weapon to be feared so put him in the backfield behind Rodgers it will make defenses stack the box and we all know what Aaron can do when that happens!

2nd round

Jordan Willis OLB, Kansas St., At 6’4″ 255 lbs. he has good size and speed to be a dominant pass rusher, In 2016 he made 52 tackles and led his team with 17.5 tackles for loss and topped the conference with 11.5 sacks, couple him with Matthews, Perry or Fackrell and the Packers should have a solid pass rush this season.

3rd round

Chris Wormley DE, Michigan, This kid is big and strong but the knock on him is his consistency so he should be around in the third and with the right coaching and Daniels’ motivational speeches in his ear every practice he should be a solid player that can set the edge on run plays and hopefully develop into another good pass rusher.

4th round

Dorian Johnson OG, Pittsburgh, I know by now you all are saying corner corner corner, but by this time all the decent corners will be gone and in my opinion corner really isn’t a priority. Randall (1st round) and Rollins (2nd round) are only in their 3rd year, had significant injuries last year and their performance dropped off. So everyone wants to throw them under the bus but I believe they are coming back with vengeance this season and will shut all the doubters up just like Adams did last season and with the addition of House they now have two press/man corners Gunter being the other which they were missing last season. Now onto my reason for OG here, Johnson at 6’5″ 300 lbs is a strong run blocker and with the right training will be a good guard for years to come. Plus we all know Thompson finds offensive linemen in the mid rounds who turn into pro bowl players.

5th round

Quincy Adeboyejo WR, Mississippi, With his size and speed, 6’3″ 197 lbs, and a 4.4 40 he may not be here in the 5th ( projected as a late 3rd or 4th) but he is known to drop a lot of balls so the possibility is there and if so he could be a interesting pick who could improve with Rodgers tossing him the rock.

6th round

These last two rounds will be solely a special teams project so I will go with, Brian Allen DB, Utah, he is a tall kid 6’3″ 215 lbs but is very raw and needs a year or two to develop but maybe he can become a solid corner or safety down the road.

7th round

This one is here because I like the name (LOL), Mike Tyson S, Cincinnati, But in all seriousness he is a big safety with good speed, 4.5 40 so could find his way on a already thin backfield especially if he can excel on special teams.

Well these are my picks for now but I have the right to change my mind as the draft gets closer lol. Tell me what ya think with out biting my head off or being to mean in the comments below or on our facebook homepage.

Thanks, Jeff

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7 round mock draft
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One thought on “7 round mock draft

  • April 19, 2017 at 11:23 am

    I love the Jordan Willis pick. I’ve watched as much as I can find on him, and he looks like a solid player with lots of upside. As a Badger fan (my hometown) I’d love to see us get TJ Watt, especially if we traded back and still picked him up. I would be disappointed and excited at the same time if we missed TJ and picked up Jordan.
    You’re certainly bucking the conventional wisdom by going with Mixon early, but I see your point. Even if I don’t agree with it. My reasons really come down to draft history, year after year it’s the pass defense that gets picked early and often. I would really like to see us trade back and get another 2nd & 3rd round pick.
    It’s a nagging feeling in the back of my brain that TT will not make a pass rushing OLB & CB a top priority in this draft.
    In my fantasy GM mode I would go with
    1st pick: pass rush
    2nd: pass rush or cornerback
    3rd: depending on the first two, running back or guard
    4th: same as the 3rd
    5th and beyond: BPA with a focus on areas of need.


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