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Aaron Rodgers DisappointedWith all the bad feelings and doubt about our beloved team I figured a little reassurance might help. Every season there are ups and downs but great teams adjust and perform when it counts. The Packers will bounce back and destroy the Vikings this week mark my words. You may be one of those fans that dwell on losses and it makes you feel miserable so let me help you get some perspective back and start enjoying the team we love.

    1. 1. Aaron Rodgers, he is still the same 2 time MVP we all have come to love, some of us forget that he is human with the miracles he performs on a weekly basis so when he does struggle we all wonder why. You can rest assured that he is fine and will pull this team out of the rut they’re in and lead them to the NFC North title once again.
    2. Mike McCarthy, while everyone loves him when he is winning, some will start wanting him fired during times like these but the facts are he is the same coach who outsmarts the likes of Belichick, Fisher, Fox, and many others the team goes up against. Sometimes football is like a chess match with the coaches trying to checkmate the king… McCarthy has checkmated more times than he has lost. I have faith he will get these guys back on track to once again dominate their opponents.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense
    1. Eddie Lacy – He is the man who brought the run game back to Green Bay and just because he is having a bad season we all start pointing fingers at his weight or the mental aspect of his game. Whatever the reason for his lull, we as fans need to support him and encourage him to get back to pounding the ball between the tackles.
    2. Randall Cobb – The Packers signed him to be Jordy’s #2 and the teams #1 slot receiver but as soon as Nelson went down it thrust Randall into the starring role so teams have been double-teaming him and making it difficult for him to get open but I think with the emergence of Abbrederis this will change and Cobb will start to excel.
    3. The aforementioned Jared Abbrederis – If he is healthy and can play this week he proved to be the spark Rodgers was looking for on the back shoulder throw and also a deep threat. Abby is a fan favorite but he is also a polished route runner and that bodes well against pressure type DB’s which is how teams have been playing the Packers’ receivers lately. Rodgers has said that when they do this he needs his receivers to get open so they can make them pay and Abby could be the man who will do it.

  1. Justin Perillo – This young man has been waiting for his chance and he got it in the Lions game and made the most of it, with his performance he gained trust which Rodgers seems to demand from his TE/Receivers but more importantly, he will take some pressure off Richard Rodgers who has carried the load all year.
  2. Last but not least…the fans. Packer nation is the best, hands-down and when the team was getting booed it made my heart sink. We are better than that, no matter how this team is playing we as fans need to support them and let them know we have their backs, remember that these guys have feelings just like us and they are hurting when times are tough as well so when times get tough remind them – the tough wear green & gold.

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  1.   December 12, 2015, 4:09 pm

    There is visibly a deal to learn about that.
    I assume you made sure great details in functions also.

  2.   November 23, 2015, 12:46 pm

    I’m happy to admit that I was wrong about this game and you were right. Hope they continue to build upon this for the rest of the year. Go Pack go! 🙂

    •   November 23, 2015, 12:53 pm

      David you are usually spot on and this game was not far off from your assessment as well it was the defense which stepped up and won this one bud. The offense still has work to do while they looked better this game and it will give them some confidence back hopefully they’re still not fully in sync.

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