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Aaron Rodgers Will Have an Arsenal

One thing that will be clear when the dust of the 2017 pre-season settles is that Aaron Rodgers is going to have an arsenal at the wide receiver position. Trevor Davis has upped his game, Jeff Janis had a nice touchdown in the pre-season match-up against the Eagles, Max McCaffery and DeAngelo Yancey showed they are pro quality receivers and Michael Clark proved that he can make the switch from basketball. Oh yeah, and these are the guys who are competing for the number 4 through 6 (perhaps 7) spots.

While the top three receivers for the Packers are set, the 4-6 (0r 7) positions are still in flux. Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and Davante Adams will surely take the top three but even Geronimo Allison at number four is in doubt (the suspension doesn’t help), especially with the way Trevor Davis is playing right now.

Right now, Davis seems to be in the pole position, even with the work that Allison did at the end of last season. He will be out on the field in the pre-season and presumably in the regular season week one match-up against the Seahawks. If he makes an impact, Allison could be forced down the depth chart.

Janis was on the bubble but had a touchdown in the Eagles game and has been a stalwart on special teams. He has a deep understanding of the offense and a chance to once again make an impact against Washington.

Yancey and McCaffery had the most productive first pre-season games of any of the WR’s that played. Yancey caught 3 passes for 67 yards and McCaffery caught 3 for 60. But neither of these had touchdowns while Janis, Clark, and Davis (on special teams) did.

All in all…the second pre-season game against Washington will be critical for the wide receiver competition. With Malachai Dupre (presumably) out for the time being, the rest of the corps will be working hard for just a few roster spots due to be determined in early September.

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Go Pack!