Almost Decision Time…Down to Brass Tacks

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UntitledPackernation collectively winced and groaned as they watched footage of Eddie Lacy rolling up his ankle. The good news is that he is OK, but a lot of discussion has centered around whether or not to play him in the game against the Chiefs.’s own Jeff Hayes puts in his two cents on Eddie Lacy and more.

While I would love to see Eddie Lacy go this Monday I feel if his ankle is still sore just let him rest and heal up 100%! Why have him do like his rookie season and play on a sore ankle each game at 75% and never heal properly? I would rather have a healthy 100% Lacy for 13 games instead of a hobbled 75% Lacy for 14. I believe Starks and Harris can carry the load just fine for this game and it being in Lambeau we all know how good Rodgers is at home. Now if Eddie is fine by all means yes let him play.

The same can be said for Adams. I know they’re thin on experience in the receiver corps but let him heal as well, keep him active and if needed play him on a few downs but Iimgres think it’s time to see what Jeff Janis can do in a real game! If nothing else he can be used as a decoy to stretch the field so Jones and Cobb can get some single coverages, Montgomery is another one who needs to play more, in the short time we saw him in the Seahawks game, he made some awesome plays. Just a thought but if Jones and Janis are on the edge and Cobb in the slot they can also play Monty out of the backfield like they used Cobb his first two seasons, and Monty can also play as the second slot so Adams can heal properly as well this game.

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Well those are just my thoughts about the injuries to Lacy and Adams but let Packer nation know yours on the FB homepage or the comment section below.



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