AM Quickslant: And the National News….Totally Redeems Itself!

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When I last mentioned the national news I was critical of their lack of depth in understanding our Packers team. Ok…Ok…today they got it right and it is important to give credit where credit is due. aordGoing into training camp is one of the last chances we will have to revel in the victories of LAST season. But this one is SO worth it!One of the big stories of THIS year’s Packers team is brought about by one of the realities of LAST year’s Packers team – injuries. In particular the injury to Aaron Rodgers has made Packernation very tuned in to the health of this club. We talked about it here as the number one priority going into training camp, and the subject came up again in a yesterday. And….training camp hasn’t begun yet. So one thing us sure, Packernation does NOT want a repeat of last season’s injuries. Part of the reason for that is the difference we saw when Aaron Rodgers came back. The game against the Bears was NOT his finest performance, but this play won him number 1 clutch play of 2013 and here, the national news got it SO right!

Since the NFL has recognized this play, it has been stripped from a LOT of YouTube channels…this version is AWESOME!!!

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

Sure, this was last season…and a new season is coming. But just think, we are gonna be seeing this kind of stuff again really soon!



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