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AM Quickslant: Now It’s For Real, The Pads Come Off

Well it is the first day of padded practice this morning and as you pour yourself that morning cuppa Joe on this Monday, may visions of big hits and flying helmets dance in your heads…wait…scratch that. May visions of big hits that DON’T cause injuries and the soon-to-be flying helmets of Seattle Seahawks dance in your heads. It makes a difference when the players put the pads on and today will be the first day of separating the men from the boys. 

The risk won’t go away…

When Training Camp switches to padded practice it changes the whole demeanor of the camp. We’re probably gonna see a tussle or two today and that is a healthy thing as our O-line in particular gels and our D-line does the same. Then, when the opponent steps on the field, the aggression just gets amped up from there.

Live hitting is SO important to getting a team ready for pre-season action which is in turn critical in preparing for the season. It starts today and both the coaches and the players will be excited. However, live hitting also puts players at risk and the potential for injury may have some Packers fans holding their breath.

Will the vocal leader of the defense please step forward?

Mike Daniels has done a LOT of talking about how this year’s defense is gonna smash some people in the mouth. He went so far as to say that even in practice, he doesn’t see team-mates across the line from him, just Vikings and Bears and Lions. I LOVE this guy and the attitude he has brought to the defense this offseason. But today is the day that the rubber starts to meet the road. The Packers have had some great players on defense but have yet to find a vocal leader the likes of Mike Daniels. We have needed it for years and this guy seems primed to deliver!

So what do you think Packernation? Is Mike Daniels gonna be the guy that helps Green Bay’s defense find the attitude that they have been lacking? For me it is always wait and see but I also think it is important to believe…when it comes to Mike Daniels, I believe!

Do you?