AM Quickslant: One of My Favorite Signings of the Offseason Will Surprise You

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question markBefore the draft, Packers fans watch free agency with all the fervor of an armadillo watching a stray tumbleweed. Exciting it is not, but this year I am excited about two signings and one in particular that no one is talking about. While I am excited about Jared Cook working with Aaron Rodgers this year, I am equally excited about the signing of James Starks. Yes, James Starks. 

Starks was a big reason the Packers were able to finish down the Super Bowl stretch in 2010. When the Packers needed a running game, Starks was there, breaking a rookie rushing record and ending up third all time in rookie post-season rushing yards. This is no small feat but the real question is, does he still have it?

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

2015, for Starks was a career year. With Eddie Lacy not putting his best foot forward, Starks got four starts and ended the year with career highs in rushing yards, receiving yards, and touchdowns. But let’s talk a little more about Eddie Lacy, because he is the underlying reason that I am very excited that James Starks is on this team.

Lacy came into camp last season overweight and out of shape, got benched for missing curfew, and while he showed flashes of theEddie Lacy Packers Running Game old Eddie…had a down year coming into a contract year. Enter James Starks. Starks is a veteran and acts like one, he stayed healthy and he made the most of the playing time he got last season. This got Lacy’s attention and will be an underlying reason why (I have boldly predicted) Eddie Lacy will have a career year in 2016. The other side of the same coin is that because Eddie is working so hard, we in a sense will be encountering a different Eddie Lacy this year…or, at least an Eddie Lacy that is a bit of an unknown quantity. It is good to know that if (heaven forbid) Eddie’s weight loss works against him -and this has been known to happen from time to time- that the Packers’ backfield is in good hands.

So while I am excited to see the NEW combination of Aaron Rodgers and Jared Cook out on the field, I am as excited, if not more so to see the combination of James Starks and the NEW Eddie Lacy out on the field this year. And if, as I have boldly said, Lacy has a career year, it will be kudos to him for getting his body and mind right but also will be in part due to the guy nipping at his heels…James Starks.

Go Pack!


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