An Embarrassment of Riches…

I’m just gonna lay this out there…Packernation is blessed with a LOT of good things on this year’s Packer Running Backsteam and that’s part of the reason we are all so excited for tonight’s preseason game. One thing that caught my eye last night was the running of DuJuan Harris…this guy is arguably a better change of pace back than James Starks with his shiftiness and ability to hit small holes quickly. But James Starks has not missed a beat from last season and is eating up yards like a madman. Oh…and by the way…those two are working their butts off for the SECOND string running back job behind Eddie Lacy.


What for years was a liability, has now become an embarrassment of riches. Watch, enjoy…and comment. Who do you think the second running back should be? We all know what James Starks can do, but he tends to get bottled up if defenses can stretch the play. Starks is more of a North-South runner and a dangerous one at that. The other thing that I thing Starks is weak in is catching passes out of the backfield. He has had a couple critical drops. Should DuJuan get a chance?

Of course, both these backs are gonna get time on the field but the more I watch Harris, the more I like.

Here is DuJuan Harris:

So which running back do you think should be behind Eddie? What criteria would you use to choose a second back if YOU were coach. Let me know what you think, Packernation, in the comments section BELOW….



An Embarrassment of Riches… — 7 Comments

  1. Does it matter? All 3 backs will play this year and contribute. I think it depends who your playing against and who’s hot who’s not. The back up role should be committee this year instead of one player. I am comfortable no matter which back is out there, they are all extremely talented but soo lucky to have eddie leading the way. This team is going to the Super Bowl

  2. I like them both but I was also impressed with the way Neal performed before he got hurt so if he can come back and play I would toss him into the mix as well just saying!

  3. Harris is tackled by breathing on him. He should only be used when both Lacy and Starks need a rest. And that fumble last week didn’t help Harris’ cause.

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