And It All Starts To Fall In Place…

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With the Packers getting the first round bye it gives Aaron’s calf a little extra time to heal but I for timeone don’t believe he will be 100% by next week, So lets hope McCarthy installs a game plan to let him stay in the pistol or shotgun for the better part of the game. I liked the way Lacy/Starks ran the ball out of the pistol against the Lions last week they still hit the holes at full speed without Aaron having to step back to hand them the ball. It also worked well with the short crossing routes, As long as Aaron can execute these types of passes without having to be to mobile he could just get past this first playoff game without further injuring his calf and that will give him that extra week again to rehab for the title match. We will find out tomorrow night who the first game will be against, In all likelihood it will be Dallas, but if the Lions can beat the Boy’s then it will most likely be Carolina from what everyone is saying. Either way I believe the Packers beat whomever comes to Lambeau Field next week.

Packer Defensive BacksThe Packers defense has come together at just the right time to start playing hard hitting fast action football, The secondary is shutting down even the best receivers. Capers has dialed up some pressure plays that disrupt the O lines and allows them get to the QB, Maybe not for sacks so much but they are getting there fast enough to rush their throws which makes it very hard for accuracy! I have been reading that House is back practicing as well and this could be a big part of the next couple games having 4 healthy corners to switch up to stay fresh. I for one am really pleased at the way all the secondary has stepped up as of late especially. They have played well all year but these last few games is like watching all pro corners and safeties gelling to shut down whoever comes at them!

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