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And the Winner is…

It’s Been Fun!

Wow, it has really been fun this week thinking about how close at hand the football season is and seeing Packernation’s response to the question of what to call the Matthews/Peppers duo. Packernation’s creativity showed and their passion for the men in Green and Gold. This is a team that needs to take the next step and those two guys are gonna be a big part of the Packers plan for this upcoming season.

Of course, there were some who called attention to one important fact about this whole series of posts…that these guys have yet to take a snap together. Roughly paraphrased…they went something like: “Why don’t we wait and see what these guys can do before we start giving them nicknames?” And you know what, that question is PERFECTLY LEGITIMATE! The proof is in the puddin’ and these guys haven’t even gotten the milk out of the fridge yet as a Packer tandem. But sometimes you have to believe in somebody (something)  before they prove themselves, or, in this case, believe in a couple of guys who have proved themselves separately.

I Choose to Believe

In thinking about what it will be like to watch Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers play together, I choose to believe that they each will be stoked at the opportunity to play with the other. Each of these two players has made a career doing it on an island and now, they get to feed off each other’s greatness for the greater good of the whole team (and all of Packernation). Not only will Matthews and Peppers be better, but the young up-and-comers on the defense will have a chance to shine too.

There was a time when Green Bay picked up a player, a great player who was aging and had been hurt. I took a wait and see approach, I wasn’t excited. I wanted to see if this guy would really be a force or if he had just found a place to finish out his career on cruise control…that player was Charles Woodson. I was WAY OFF! Charles was not just good in his own right but made young players around him better. This time, I choose to believe.

And the Winner is…

So GPN polled Packernation to come up with a name for the Matthews/Peppers tandem and got a LOT of creative replies. In the end, however, the votes put us in a bit of a bind. Two names were head and shoulders above the rest. The two fan-favorites were: “The Claymaker and the Pepper Shaker” and “Assault and Peppers” but there was a bit of a problem…If you counted the names as they were, then “The Claymaker and the Peppershaker” won. But “Assault and Peppers” was VERY close. And…there was another entry “Salt and Peppers”…that was so similar that it seemed like they could be counted together. If you counted those two together, Assault and Peppers won the voting. So we chose to put the two obvious top picks before Packernation and see what happens. Here they are:

[poll id=”19”]

OK Packernation…make your selection and whoever wins…let’s get behind em and hope for another Packers Super Bowl victory!

Go Pack!!!