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Quick Slant: Dec. 9, 2013 Packer Possibilities

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Oh, what a difference a week makes! The dream is still alive...and thanks to the Detroit Lions, the win against the Falcons is all the sweeter because Green Bay smells the faint aroma, not sweaty jerseys and smelly socks (well, yeah that too but) the smell of possibilities… Possibility One: if the Lions can lose to Philadelphia...they can lose to the Ravens, Giants, and/or Vikings. Possibility Two: With the win against the Falcons...Packers fans can hope that the Rodgerless stretch is          …

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Quickslant: Dec. 6th, 2013 – “For All The Marbles”

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So here it is...every game from here on out is "for all the marbles". A little over a month ago I posted a series of articles on the new-found success of the offensive attack of the Green Bay Packers particularly the running game.  In that series of articles I highlighted how important the continuity offensive line has been to the success of Green Bay’s ground game.. Oh how the tide has turned. Ever since the injuries to Don Barclay and Evan Dietrich-Smith, the O-line has failed to protect the passer or make the same kinds of running lanes we saw…

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Quick Slant: Dec. 5, 2013 – Packer Prescription

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OK, I got this post up late so it will be short but here is the prescription for all you Packers fans who are feeling down about the way this season has gone. To put it into perspective, first, read this: A short history of the Packers Then, take two of these: 1. A history of the Vikings and 2. A history of the Lions and call me in the morning. You can skim, no problem. And I'll feel better. Brady

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Quick Slant: December 4, 2013 – Packer Purgatory

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Well Mike McCarthy has not ruled Aaron Rodgers out for Sunday's game against the Atlanta Falcons but he hasn't said he's going to play either and it looks like Matt Flynn will take the starter reps for the rest of the week Aaron will be a limited participation in practice. So I guess it's just another day in Packer purgatory.  At least the Packers have had some extra rest this week. Before this stretch of games without Rogers I thought the most important…

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Quick Slant: December 3, 2013 – Packer Pride

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During last week's press conference, Mike McCarthy aptly summed up his Green Bay Packer team as a "wounded team that got drilled today." Well, with a little extra rest this week, we'll see what kind of Packer Pride this team has got and who really "gets" what the Packers organization is really about. Let me explain what I do NOT mean by that... (more…)

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