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It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

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After one of the worst Thanksgiving Day showings in recent memory, the Packers and their fans can all feel playoff hopes ebbing. But it is not over yet. With the Vikings overtime defeat of the Bears, the Pack could find themselves a half game back with a chance to get it done the last game of the season. Mostly likely losses for the Bears before final head-to-head would come from the Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys. Detroit (7-5) is the team we have to hope loses. They still have to play the Eagles, Ravens, Giants, and Vikings and while the…

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Keys to the Game: Packers vs. Vikings

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Well, the Packers' season has reached its turning point. How many people picked this week's game at Lambeau as the pivotal game in the 2013 season? If you had that one "circled" on your calendar, let me know. Yet here we are looking down the barrel of a 5-6 record and possible two game shortfall in the division and for this week at least, Aaron Rodgers will again watch from the sidelines. Here is what the Pack will have to accomplish to keep themselves alive in the division: (more…)

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Defining the “Balanced Attack” Part 4

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For those of you who have followed the first three parts of this series, you may have noticed a missing piece. One big gaping hole in the argument that sticks out like the gap in a hockey player's smile. This gap is that passing attack. Why didn't I talk about it? Shouldn't our passing game be at the top of the list? Well, because we have been trying to define a balanced attack and the Packers have had the passing…

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Defining the “Balanced Attack” Part 3

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In parts 1&2 of this series we talked about the role of the play callers and the running backs in creating a balanced offensive attack. Today we're going to talk about the role of the O-line in the Packers success against any defensive set. In my opinion Green Bay's ability to run block is the single biggest improvement the team has seen this year. If you'll recall this comes after a preseason which saw a lot of shake up on the offense of line. Before the season started the O-line for the Packers was very much in question and saw…

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Defining the “Balanced Attack” Part 2

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In the first part of this series, we tried to redefine the "balanced attack" on offense asĀ one that has the pieces in place to deal with whatever the opposing defense throws at them. Getting closer to a 50/50 split between the run and the pass would have more to do with what makes most sense according to down and distance and what the defense was showing. With that in mind, it all starts with the play calling, and all the communication that takes place on and off the field. But success…

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