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BTN: Where Will the Packer Pass Attack Rank in 2016?

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This question was asked during our live show on our GreenBay Packer Nation Facebook fan page. The actual question was whether the Packer passing attack would rank #3 in the league in 2016. I think that's a little bold for the 2016 season. Possible, but bold. Still, I think everyone in Packer Nation is confident that the passing attack will bounce back from it's 25th rank showing in 2015. But, just how high will they bounce? (more…)

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Will Jordy Have 1500 Yards in 2016?

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There's been a ton a speculation rolling around Packer Nation about whether Jordy will be back to his old 2014 form again when he hits the field in September. The conversation has taken an interesting turn as the question of whether Nelson would break the 1500 yard mark. I'm going to say that he'll get close but won't break 1500 yards this coming season. However, my reasons have nothing to do with the reconstruction of his knee. (more…)

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A Special Jerry Kramer Edition of BTN

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In 1958, a player would step onto the practice field of the Green Bay Packers and play a crucial role in one of the most dynamic franchise turn-arounds in NFL history. Drafted in the fourth round of the NFL draft that year, Jerry Kramer would soon display the type of work ethic that epitomized the 60s for the Packers and perfectly matched the coaching style of soon-to-be Packer head coach Vince Lombardi. To sign the petition to get Jerry Kramer into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, click here. (more…)

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