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Two Key Fundamentals that Will Be Huge

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There has been a good deal of talk about McCarthy’s intent to get back to the basics on offense. All this talk about fundamentals seems vaguely familiar to perennial Packer fans. There was a reason that the Packer Power sweep was such an effective tool during the Lombardi era. It wasn't because it relied on misdirection. It didn't implement the element of surprise. Everybody knew it was coming and nobody could stop it. The reason… Fundamentals. (more…)

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The Smile Heard ‘Round Packer Nation

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I'm as thrilled as anybody about the fact that the Packers offense kicked into high gear against the Washington Redskins. It was great seeing the offense operate the way we have always known they could operate. More importantly, I enjoyed seeing the team smile again. You've been able to see on their faces that they've been as frustrated with their lack of productivity as the fans have been, and it was good to see them smile and relax a little bit. There was that moment during the game when you could almost feel the shift in their demeanor. It was…

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Sometimes You Just Guess Wrong

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In 1992, the Falcons traded with the Packers in a deal that brought Brett Favre to Green Bay. It was a decision that would change the face of the organization and bring, not only a franchise QB back to the frozen tundra but would wake a sleeping giant from its slumber. In 2005, 23 teams made the colossal blunder of passing over Aaron Rodgers in the draft. Each of those teams could have had the QB that will, by the end of his career, hold tons of NFL records. Each of these decisions favored the Packers in grand style. But,…

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Resurgence of the Packer Run Game

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Do we love the resurgence of the Packer running game, or what? At a time when our passing game really needed the running game to step up, it almost disappeared completely. Then, just when hope started to get dim, the foot soldiers start marching forward and taking possession of the territory before them. (more…)

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