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Never Say Die

  2 years ago     170 Views     7 Comments  

  In my mind one of the key characteristics of a true fan is whether you stick with your team through thick and thin. That's not to say that you don't get angry or frustrated about bad situations. Frustration over poor production shows real passion for your team. However, when we get so frustrated that we think our team has no hope, we've gone too far. (more…)

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Davante Adams or Jeff Janis?

  2 years ago     464 Views     11 Comments  

If there was one thing I could change in the game against the Chicago Bears, it would be Davante Adams dropping the ball. If the Packers could have changed that one thing, it would have made all the difference in the game. That brings up the question of whether Adams should continue to start, or if it's time for him to be supplanted by Jeff Janis. (more…)

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Will the Real Eddie Lacy Please Step Forward

  2 years ago     107 Views     2 Comments  

It was nice to see Eddie Lacy start to look like his old self again in the Packers outing against the Vikings. He was back to making people miss, he was back to bull rushing people, and he was back to pushing the pile for extra yardage. When Eddie is rolling, the Packers offense, as a whole, moves the ball much more easily. The threat of Eddie Lacy opens up the passing game much like the threat of Adrian Peterson has given the Vikings opportunities in the past games this season. But the question remains, is Lacy back or is…

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