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Eat or Be Eaten

  2 years ago     108 Views     2 Comments  

┬áIt's difficult to even write a post about the coming opponent when our team just refuses to execute up to their capabilities. Still, while the Vikings are playing some good football and are definitely our most challenging divisional rival this season, there are some chinks in their armor which the Packers can take advantage of. The question is WILL the Packers take advantage of those chinks (more…)

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The 2015 Packers: A New Hope

  2 years ago     243 Views     10 Comments  

  The past three games have been an absolute disaster for our beloved Packers. In none of those games did they measure up to expectations. But there are still reasons for Packer pride. (more…)

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Entering the Crucial Stretch

  2 years ago     110 Views     Leave your thoughts  

 Well, it's time to put the devastating losses to the Broncos and Panthers in the rearview mirror, because we have some really important games coming up. This week begins four-game stretch of clashes with NFC North rivals. Everyone knows that winning the NFC North is job one. Under the current playoff system divisional leaders win a playoff spot. It's a simple as that. Or is it? (more…)

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The Half Full Green and Gold Glass

  2 years ago     117 Views     2 Comments  

There was a whole lot that went wrong with that game. Jeff covered a bunch of things we've all been thinking in his Rant & Rave article. Still, there were several positives that I took away from this game which have eased the pain a bit. (more…)

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