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Packers-Broncos Prediction Gone Wrong

  1 year ago     86 Views     1 Comment  

Without exception, the predictions I heard for this game against the Broncos all had Green Bay winning the game. Many predictions were closer than others, but all had Green Bay winning this game out right. So what went wrong? (more…)

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WU: For the Week of Oct. 18

  1 year ago     35 Views     1 Comment  

In this week's edition of the Weekend Update on GreenBay Packer Nation... Dodging a bullet A much needed bye week Things that have flown under the NFL radar And more... (more…)

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So Close, and Yet So Far

  1 year ago     53 Views     2 Comments  

  A lot is been made about the fact that Phillip Rivers was able to generate so many passing yards against the Packers in week six. While it's alarming that the defense gave up that many yards in the passing game, there are several reasons why I'm not too concerned about it going forward. (more…)

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