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Before There Were Helmets: Don Hutson

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A continuation of our series on Packer greats from before the 1943 NFL helmet rule. If you missed the others in the series, you can find them here. In an era where the run dominated and a passing offense was rarely used, Don Hutson amassed 99 touchdowns in a career that lasted just 11 season. That record stood for an amazing 44 years after he retired from the game. And the Packers came 17 minutes away from not signing him in the first place. (more…)

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Packers’ Risky Signing of Woodson Paid Off

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When the Packers cut a deal with Charles Woodson in 2006, they were taking a big chance on a player that had struggled through most of his career with the Raiders. The risk turned out to be well worth it as Woodson has not only become a very productive player but also well loved by Packer fans. (more…)

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Before There Were Helmets: Earl (Curly) Lambeau

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We'll start the series with the man who's name adorns the field at Green Bay, WI, a man who, at one time, was player, coach, and president of the team... Curly Lambeau. From the first time the Packers stepped on the field, a passing attack was an integral part of the aggressive Packer offense. Lambeau and the Packer were able to effectively use the "forward pass" despite league regulations that made it difficult. (more…)

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Before There Were Helmets

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Packer fans are among the very few who can tell other fans, "Please... our team was playing with leather hats before your team was even born." This series of articles will take a look back at the men who made the Packers great before most teams even existed. It wasn't until 1943 that the NFL required use of helmets. Prior to that most players chose to don leather helmets to absorb some of the shock, but many players still knocked bare skulls with the other team. In this series, we'll look at the Packer player who made the Hall of…

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Thanks for the Memories Donald Driver

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So, another era of Packer history has come to a close. This time it's Donald Driver who takes his turn among the Packer greats to say he's hanging up the cleats. It's been a wild ride for the man who has come from no where and gone to the top of the Packer record books. Donald will definitely be missed around Packer Nation. (more…)

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