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The Bottom Line is It’s Mostly About the Super Bowl

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I thought about running a poll... Which would you rather have, a 10-6 season and a Super Bowl win or a perfect 16-0 season and a Super Bowl loss? I thought about it... but the answer seems obviously unanimous. I can't imagine any Packer fan who would ever be completely satisfied if we don't bring that Lombardi trophy back to Lambeau where it belongs. I take a great deal of pride in the fact that the Packers had a historic season last year. The 15-1 record will be one that will be hard to top, and it was one amazing…

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Losing Desmond Bishop: Takeover at ILB

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We probably won't find out about the severity of Desmond Bishop's hamstring injury until Wednesday. Regardless, it's pretty obvious we'll be doing without him for a while. How does that impact the Packers' defensive unit? (more…)

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2012 Packer Season: The First 5 Games

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The race to the Super Bowl begins with a great start. Get the season rolling your way early and you have a big advantage. Sputter out of the gates and you're in for a long uphill climb to get back into the race. Coming off a 15-1 season and returning nearly all starters to the high-powered Packer offense, it's easy to think the Packers will be hitting on all cylinders from the first whistle. But, this is a new season. So, let's take a look at those first five games. (more…)

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Hargrove’s Return Could Spark the Packers Down the Stretch

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The Packers will have to do without Anthony Hargrove for the first eight games of the season this year. While there's little doubt the defensive line could really use his contribution in the first half of the season, I'm wondering if there is a surprise benefit to Hargrove not hitting the field until the Arizona game on November 4th. (more…)

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