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Will the Packers Welcome Jolly Back?

  5 years ago     54 Views     4 Comments  

Johnny Jolly is still waiting to find out if he's going to be reinstated into the NFL. While it's kind of a "counting your chickens before they're hatched" issue, the question everyone wants the answer to is, "Which team will he be playing for?" (more…)

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Which Packer Receivers Won’t Have a Roster Spot [Poll]

  5 years ago     33 Views     Leave your thoughts  

There's a great deal of question how many receivers the Packers will keep in 2012. It's a good thing to have so many good receivers to choose from and Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press Gazette thinks we'll actually keep seven receivers this season. What do you think? Which receivers will NOT be a part of the Packers' bid for a 14th title? [poll id="2"]

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Does the Packers’ High-Powered Offense Make Their Defense Suffer?

  5 years ago     74 Views     2 Comments  

I was reviewing some stats from the 2011 season and one particular stat caught my eye... defensive scrimmage plays. I suddenly found myself wondering if the defense wasn't hitting the field tired halfway through the game because the offense was scoring so fast that there really wasn't much time for the defense to rest. (more…)

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