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3 Great Prospects at 30 And Thoughts on Coaching Changes

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News is that Jerry Montgomery the co-defensive coordinator from Oklahoma university is coming to Green Bay. I have said all along they needed to get Capers an assistant from a good college that knows how to defend the read options since most teams in the NFL are running it now. The Packers have had trouble defending it with QB's such as Kaepernick, Wilson, Newton, etc. I'm not saying get rid of Capers because he is the best defensive mind in the business but times change and even a great coach like him needs new ideas on how to defend the…

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Looking forward to 2015

  2 years ago     92 Views     6 Comments  

With the sting of the game still lingering in our thoughts it is hard to look forward but that is just what we need to do. The management will be making some tough decisions in the next few weeks about free agents, etc. The one that most fans are worried about is Randall Cobb, the way he played this year made him a high priority as a slot receiver but the real question is how high did he make his price tag? Ted Thompson is the best at keeping the Packers salary cap in order but with Cobb's play this…

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R&R: Rants and Raves by Jeff

  2 years ago     313 Views     33 Comments  

Packers fans will feel the sting of this loss for the entire off-season. But sometimes, you have to look at things from a different angle to gain perspective. I was heart broken like everyone else last night and wanted all the coaching staff to be fired, but putting it in perspective, it was a great season for the most part and I feel blessed to be a Packers fan. Rants You would think with a loss I would have a ton but the players actually did a very good job this game right up to the end. Coach McCarthy needs to…

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NFC title game

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The packers will have a tough task this week attempting to beat the defending Super Bowl Champion Seahawks at Century-link Field, where the noise alone will be deafening and Rodgers & Co. will be facing the best defense in the NFL in the "Legion of Boom". (more…)

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R&R By Jeff

  2 years ago     301 Views     12 Comments  

Rants I, for one, was not happy with the way McCarthy called the game for the most part. He started out great with pounding the ball with Lacy/Starks and short passes so Rodgers could get the ball out fast and not have to scramble to take a chance of further injuring his calf. But after the first drive he did a 180 and tried forcing the ball down field. Going into halftime being down 14-10 was the first time since the first home game the Packers did not go into the locker room with a lead. After they came out…

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