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And It All Starts To Fall In Place…

  2 years ago     101 Views     3 Comments  

With the Packers getting the first round bye it gives Aaron's calf a little extra time to heal but I for one don't believe he will be 100% by next week, So lets hope McCarthy installs a game plan to let him stay in the pistol or shotgun for the better part of the game. I liked the way Lacy/Starks ran the ball out of the pistol against the Lions last week they still hit the holes at full speed without Aaron having to step back to hand them the ball. It also worked well with the short crossing routes,…

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R&R by Jeff

  2 years ago     96 Views     7 Comments  

The Packers 30-20 win over the Lions yesterday kept the home field winning streak alive as well as the Packers NFC North title reign. With this win the Packers locked up #2 seed and a first round bye that was much needed to help Rodgers injured calf get time to heal. Speaking of which how many of you thought the Packers were doomed soon as Aaron went down right before the half and needed to be carted off to the locker room for evaluation? I know my heart dropped. Rants Not too much to rant about with a win but…

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I stand corrected

  2 years ago     102 Views     4 Comments  

I apologize for saying in my prediction post that the experts are picking the Lions to win, That was not what I meant to say, I should have said the experts are saying it will be hard for the Packers to beat the Lions defense, Most of the writers and Vegas odds have the Lions at 7.5 underdogs which is where I disagree! As I stated in my prediction post I believe the Packers dominate this game on offense and defense! And it will be a win by a landslide. I was being kind to Detroit by giving them 17…

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Jeff pre-game prediction

  2 years ago     250 Views     22 Comments  

Most of the so called experts are picking the Lions to win at Lambeau this weekend saying the Packers can't beat their defense! The Packers have had troubles with tough defenses throughout the season when they are on the road, but at home they seem to play a lot better for whatever reason. With this game being at Lambeau, I believe the Packers once again make a statement with a decisive win over Detroit to win their 4th NFC North title in as many years. (more…)

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Rants and Raves by Jeff

  2 years ago     91 Views     4 Comments  

With a win over the Bucs, the Pack clinches a playoff spot and next week, against the dirtiest team in the NFL (aka the Detroit Lions), will be playing for the NFC North title. With this game being played in Lambeau where the Packers have not lost a game this year (7-0), I for one believe they not only win but put an old fashion butt whoopin on the Lions! Raves The offense was not the prettiest this game but Rodgers did get rolled up on about the 5th play of the game and played with a tight calf cramping…

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