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Post-Game R&R by Jeff

  2 years ago     76 Views     3 Comments  

Rants Well the Packers lose a tough one to the Bills, Right from the start you could see Rodgers and his receivers were not on the same page this game. While he did give them a chance to make plays most of his passes were just off the mark. Nelson had one that could have been a TD go right through his hands which is very uncharacteristic of him, But it was just the way this game went for the most part. (more…)

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R&R by Jeff

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Well the Packers move to 10-3 and stay in first place in the NFC North with a win over the Falcons last night. Raves The offense was spot on during the first half.¬†They made a statement on the first drive of the game letting the defense know they were going to dominate them, And they did for the better part of the game. Lacy was a beast his style of running is a pleasure to watch, When he doesn't dance and hits his marks the defenses secondary has to make those business decisions as he say's and when they do…

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Jeff’s Early Prediction On The Falcons Game

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Don't let the Falcons 5-7 record fool you, They are a much better team than most would think. They are coming off a win over the #1 seed Arizona Cardinals 29-18. Matt Ryan is a veteran QB that can kill you with his arm or legs, While he is not in the same category as Rodgers he still reminds me of him the way he plays the game, He is the leader of this team and makes good reads at the line of scrimmage. He has some good targets to toss the rock to as well, Julio Jones and Roddy…

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Packers to “Git Er Done” Against the Patriots

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While everyone is billing this game as a Super Bowl preview and a shoot out between the two best QB's in the NFL and it may very well be, I believe this game will come down to who can stop the run and run the ball. With that said I think Lacy has his best game of the season with 100+ yards on the ground and its very possible he gets 100+ in the air as well. The Packers will need to keep Matthews in the middle for the most part this game to stop Blount or Gray in the…

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Post-Game R&R: Rants and Raves

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Let me start with saying, "Hell yeah" With this win and the Lions losing the Packers are now on top of the NFC North once again, A spot they have not owned solo since the Bears game of 2013, Now they control their own destiny. I knew this was going to be a tough game as all division games usually are, It doesn't matter what their records say, The teams know each other so well from having to play twice a year every year it is always tough to get these wins. (more…)

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