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Post-Game Rants and Raves

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Okay coach sign me up I am on board now with this defense being the real deal. They held Chip Kelly's high powered no huddle offense to 2 field goals until there were two minutes left in the third quarter when they finally found the end zone, By that time though Aaron Rodgers and the offense had pretty much locked up the game with a 53-20 win plucking the Eagles. The defense held McCoy to 88 yds. and Sproles to 21. The only thing the Eagles can sink their talons into about this game was Jordan Matthews had 5 receptions…

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Predicting the Eagles Game

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This Sunday is a game that has two teams with the same style of play going head to head. The Packers and Eagles' offenses are up-tempo, often running the no huddle. Both defenses have struggled this year at stopping the run but if Matthews plays ILB this game and dominates like he did against the Bears it could be a long day for Sproles and McCoy, While Eddie Lacy has struggled running the ball this year I believe he could have a good game if they give him the ball 15 plus times. With the screen pass back into his…

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Post-Game R&R With Jeff

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Tell the truth, How many of you thought this game was going to be a close one? I, for one, figured the Bears would put up a fight to try and stay in the race for the post season. Before the game started, the Packers sat down Lattimore to activate Brad Jones, I thought "Well, there goes the defense at ILB and Forte is going to have a field day running up the middle." But low and behold Capers pulled out another mind blowing move by placing Clay Matthews at ILB, It was a look the Bears offense was not prepared for and…

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Post-Game Rant and Rave

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I really don't have much to rant about except maybe the active list. I feel Tolzien should be starting in place of Flynn. What little time we have seen Flynn this year he has not impressed me. He throws very dangerous passes when he does throw and even on the hand offs he is either running into the running back or he telegraphs his play so the defense knows whats coming. Also I understand that Janis is still raw and they are bringing him along slow but I believe he is better than Dorsey so why was Janis benched again…

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Has The Media Gone Too Far?

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The Situation Peyton Manning has gone on record as saying he hates the media in his face before and after games and now Aaron Rodgers just stated on the Dan Patrick show that he also feels uncomfortable with the way the cameras are being let onto the field. Should there be a limit to what media can cover? (more…)

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