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R&R Packers vs Browns

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The Pack is back with a win over the Browns by the second and third stringers and the team played rather well considering that. Raves: Offense Joe Callahan, a division III QB getting the start was a pleasant surprise. Just imagine the butterflies this kid had to have but he showed poise in the pocket and made good decisions with his passes. It might be my old eyes getting bad but it sure looked like Abby has added some much needed muscle in the off season, he looked very sharp in his route running as usual but he also looked…

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R&R Defensive veterans

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Everyone seems to be buzzing about the rookies this year so I want to talk a little about the veterans. The Backers With Matthews moving back outside I'm personally excited to watch him get after the QB's again from his natural position.  Nick Perry has had health issues and finds himself working on a one-year "prove it" deal but for 5 years he has struggled to stay on the field so we will see. He will be hungry to show he was worth a first round pick and definitely has the talent.  With Perry and D. Jones stepping in to keep…

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Draft is Approaching Fast

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With the draft right around the corner it's feeling a little like football season again. Ted Thompson went out of his norm and signed a free agent to fill a need on offense with TE Jared Cook. While he may not be a player most teams would covet, he's a perfect fit for the Packers. Some are comparing him to Jermichael Finley, which he is in body size, but Cook is faster. This will be deadly in routes down the seam because he will draw a safety to him and it leaves Nelson and Cobb with single coverage. (more…)

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R&R just a few thoughts

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 With the free agent frenzy well over Thompson once again stuck with his draft & develop philosophy and never even looked at spending big money on free agency. We all waited for the big splash McCarthy talked about and it never came. Unless you consider a no name DE B.J. McBryde, who couldn't even make the Browns 53 man team last year! Some fans are fed up with Thompson and want the organization to either remove him or have him retire. Personally, I like the way Ted keeps the team stocked with young talent while keeping the cap well in…

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TE prospect Jared Cook

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With the free agency frenzy winding down there are still a few good prospects which could fill a gap on the Packers roster, TE being one everybody feels Ted should look into. Personally I like Jared Cook, while he isn't a TD master he is a solid route runner with good size 6'5" 254 lbs. with a 4.5 - 40 yard dash , he could turn into a threat down the seam and in the red-zone. (more…)

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