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R&R Packers/Raiders

  1 year ago     180 Views     2 Comments  

Ugly win? Is there such a thing? The final score was 30-20 is the sight of this ugly? The offense may not have dominated like fans would like to see but they did enough to win and that's what counts! If we take a look at the four games they lost this year three of them were lost in the final seconds by either a FG or a missed TD pass to win. The only game they really out right lost was to Denver so the bottom line is that this team is on the edge of being a dominant…

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R&R Packers/Dallas

  1 year ago     166 Views     4 Comments  

Raves This was a statement game by McCarthy and his redeemed role as play caller, from the time the offense stepped on the field it was the Lacy and Starks show and this is McCarthy's calling card as a head coach and play caller. He has always liked to run/run/pass which got him a bad rap but this game he was mixing it up so it kept the defense guessing for the most part but pounding the ball in bad weather was obviously his game plan right out of the gate. Lacy looked like a man on a mission this…

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R&R: Packers/Lions

  1 year ago     141 Views     2 Comments  

Wow! What a come back and a much needed win! Rants The reality of this game is that the Lions out played the Pack and, for most of the game with the exception of a few plays, the offense played another sub-par game. One thing which surfaced this game that's been missing is Aaron Rodgers legs. He finally started breaking out of the pocket and instead of throwing the ball away or just running out of bounds, he started going for yards and as it turned out he was the leading rusher this game with a TD to boot. (more…)

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Just a thought

  1 year ago     114 Views     2 Comments  

The media tried to stir up another rumor about a "players only" meeting. McCarthy said he knew nothing about any such meeting in his news conference and Rodgers later confirmed there was no meeting but my question would be, "Why not?" Maybe the players need to get together and convey their opinions to each other about why they're not performing at a level which is expected of them. Rodgers needs to sit down with his receivers and explain why he doesn't trust them instead of just saying so, and the receivers need to let him know their feelings about his…

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R&R Packers/Bears

  1 year ago     350 Views     11 Comments  

I am sick to my stomach, this loss is unacceptable on so many levels it's not funny. The offensive play calling was horrible in the second half and the execution looked more like a team of high school players. Davante Adams should be put on the bench until he learns how to catch. When is McCarthy going to use Janis? The kid is a play-maker and they are wasting his abilities sitting on the bench. I have said this many times and I'm tired of hearing "He is not ready"... BS! It looks to me like Adams is the one…

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