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What We Learned Against the Lions

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Up until last season, the Packers under Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers treated meetings with the Lions as little more than bye weeks, never having lost to Detroit when Aaron Rodgers played a full game. McCarthy was unable to sustain that type of dominance on Sunday as the Packers found themselves on the wrong side of a 7-19 defensive battle at Ford Field. Arguably more shocking than the loss itself was a total let-down by Rodgers and the Packer offense. As McCarthy alluded to in his Monday press conference, scheme and opposing personnel were not root causes of the offensive…

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Breaking Down Week 3 vs. the Lions

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The Packers weren’t quite playing their type of football until the second half of Week 2 when Aaron Rodgers and Co. finally began lighting up the scoreboard. In the Packers’ 31-24 victory over New York last week, the rest of the league saw just how productive Green Bay’s offense can be when all pieces are in-sync. The possibility of Bryan Bulaga’s return this week suggests that the offense could remain just as lethal in Detroit, which shifts the spotlight to the defensive side of the ball where the Packers face a tall task against Matthew Stafford and the Lions O.…

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What We Learned Against the Jets

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One of very few benefits to the Packers’ season opening match in Seattle two Thursdays ago was the extra time allowed to identify and correct issues that went wrong against the defending champs. A 21-3 deficit midway through the first half of Green Bay’s Week 2 game versus the Jets suggested that the game film from Seattle never actually made it back to the Packers practice facilities. In a sloppy and somewhat-undeserved victory over New York, the Packers continued to commit familiar mistakes, ranging from simple miscommunication to unsportsmanlike conduct penalties to confusion on defensive personnel groups. The first half…

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Breaking Down Week 2 vs. the Jets

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The Packers opened their regular season with a loss for a third straight season last week, with problems evident in all three phases of the game. This week’s home opener against a mediocre Jets team on Sunday seems to be the ideal recipe for correcting course, though New York does pose some threats to Mike McCarthy avoiding his first 0-2 start as Packers head coach. New York committed heavily to the run game on offense against the Raiders in Week 1 – and for good reason. A backfield equipped with Chris Ivory and newly-added Chris Johnson chewed up the Raider…

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What We Learned Against the Seahawks

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It was not at all surprising to watch Seattle’s offensive and defensive fronts dominate the Packers in the 2014 season opener, just as they did in Week 3 of 2012. Nor was it surprising that a key starter for the Packers went down early in the game – that has almost become regularity. But what was odd about the Packers’ 16-36 loss in Seattle was the lack of resilience during the second half of the game, as well as the tendency to commit the same errors that they have for the past five seasons. Let’s start with the positives. Clay…

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