Brandon Ross: Paralysis by Analysis?

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Packer Preseason RELAXThe Packers’ addition of Brandon Ross to the mix at running back has met with mixed reviews but most people have resigned themselves to the belief that he is nothing more than camp legs, an argument that has many strong points. I am going to attempt a little “paralysis by analysis” and completely disagree on one point and one point only. This post will end up a bit of a point counterpoint (as the “camp legs” case is so strong) but perhaps will center PackerNation back to a “wait and see” approach and give this kid a chance. First, lets catch up with the “official” highlights…which are anything but official. 

There is only one way or reason that a kid like Ross could get a fair shake on a team like the Packers…and that is because the Packers top brass insists that everyone gets a fair shake. When Mike McCarthy sits down with his UDFA’s he tells them they have as good a shot as any on the team…and he means it. Don’t believe me? Just ask Sam Shields. When Ross steps onto the Training Camp turf, he will be a different sort of back than the Packers and fans are used to. He’s a little…nifty. The Packers for years wanted one cut runners like James Starks and only recently picked up a “big butt” in Eddie Lacy. Lacy has a lot more shift than one would expect out of such a bruising back but his M.O. is knocking defenders’ helmets off.

The argument against Ross making the team is strong…Crockett, Burks, Jackson – enough said. But the good thing is he will be given a fair shake and with five preseason games after training camp, there are more reps to be had if he can hang in there that long. And one has to (knock on wood) expect a tweak or little (hopefully) injury to the competition may give Ross some extra reps.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

So I give the kid a chance…well, coach McCarthy gives the kid a chance. And of course we wish him well but I doubt this analysis led to any paralysis.

The beauty of it all is, it amounts to competition and from top to bottom that will make our Packers team better for 2016.

Go Pack!


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