You Asked For It Packernation…You Got It!

Well #packernation, you wanted it and you got it. Jordy got his deal! Reportedly a four year deal worth $39 M with 14.2 million guaranteed.

We posted a couple days ago why Jordy should get exactly what he got today: Watch some highlights and use the comment section below to TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!

The NFL today called Jordy Nelson possibly the NFL’s most underrated player…duh! Packernation Packers Training Camphas known that the chemistry between Rodgers and Nelson is nothing short of stellar and not too easy to find. Ted Thompson and Co. have labeled the signing of Nelson a priority and now we are getting some idea of what Nelson is looking for. 

Nelson is reportedly looking for $10 Million a year. A number that big…with OTHER receivers, might signal the end of a wide receiver’s time in Green Bay. But Nelson and Cobb are a couple players the Packers should be willing to pay to keep.

Nelson is the best backshoulder-catching wide receiver in the game and makes plays that are impossible for some wide receivers, which makes them certainly impossible for opposing quarterbacks.

Here’s why he should get paid. And if you like the vid, feel free to give it a sub:



You Asked For It Packernation…You Got It! — 21 Comments

  1. I realize this sometimes does not enter in to what an NFL player should be paid, BUT Nelson is a standup, moral young man (I believe)& it would be a relief reading about him instead of all the NFL players that are being arrested for every slimy crime in the books! And, yes, for his ability, he SHOULD be paid somewhat greater than normal for that particular position. He & Rodgers: GO, PACK!!!

  2. I have said for the last few years he is the most under rated receiver. Packers needs to pay the man. Jordy and Arron go together like peanut butter and jelly. Pay him, he is bad ass!

  3. Jordy is worth every dime of $10 million, pay the man and let’s get this show on the road! Green Bay Packers…Superbowl bound! GO PACK GO!!

  4. We can not afford to pay him that much and keep Cobb also with the cap! I am thinking maybe a 4 year 25 million will be the offer he gets.

  5. I’m pretty sick of the “chemistry” talk. The fact is that Jordy is coming off his best year when Rodgers missed (basically) 9 games. He’s a true talent and underrated WR, but he’s never put up back to back 1000 yard seasons. Rodgers spreads the ball around much more than Wallace, Tolzien, and Flynn did last year. I like Jordy a lot, but at $10/yr we already have his replacement on the roster. Too many positions coming up for new contracts to pay Jordy that kind of $ (Cobb, Hayward, Williams, Raji (if he returns to form at NT), etc.). If we’ve learned anything, it should be that defense wins championships over high powered offenses. I’ll gladly let Jordy walk next year to keep improving on D.

    • I will agree that the defense needs to step up this year but the Packers offense is what wins Super Bowls plain and simple..

  6. I agree totally, pay Jordy what he wants then start working on keeping Cobb. With both of theses guys healthy and Rodgers healthy there is nothing stopping them.

  7. WOO HOO!!! He SO deserves it. I was just at the shareholder meeting on Thursday & can’t wait for football season to start!

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