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Brett Hundley Stands to Gain from Packers Extra Pre-season Game

In limited action, Brett Hundley showed that he belonged on the Packers’ squad last year. In fact, on many teams not led by Aaron Rodgers, Hundley would be creating quarterback controversy. The Packers picked up Hundley in the fifth round and saw nothing to apologize for after the exit of Scott Tolzien left Hundley the incumbent backup to Aaron Rodgers. Hundley played admirably in his 2015 pre-season campaign, gaining himself reps by showing the coaches poise and athleticism. And in 2016, Hundley is going to have plenty of chances to shine.

Brett Hundley closed out the 2015 pre-season with back-to-back solid performances, going 22/31 for 315 yards (10.2 yard ave.) 2 TD’s and 1 INT against the Eagles and 16/23 for 236 yards (10.3 yd ave.) 4 TD’s and 0 INT’s against the Saints. That final performance was good for a passer rating of 142.2. Now, I know what many of you are thinking…it’s the pre-season…defenses are vanilla and nobody is really playing hard anyway, and in the last pre-season game it’s all scrubs anyway. This is certainly true but even Aaron Rodgers had a rough start to his pre-season “career” and he became a star. The point is that Hundley performed better than expectations and will have time to learn not just the offense, but also how to be a pro and how to be a leader in his second year. If Hundley takes a step forward…kid could be special.

But here is the problem…I was asked on the LIVE a.m. show the other day how long I thought Aaron Rodgers was going to play. Everything I get from Rodgers seems to indicate he wants to be at this for a long time. He will certainly out play Brett Hundley’s rookie contracts so then the question becomes…what do the Packers do with Hundley if he continues to shine?

Either way, Hundley is the one who stands to gain. Either he gets a good second contract by the Packers or he gets pointed in the direction of a starting spot. This year’s pre-season games will give Hundley a lot of reps. If he doesn’t stay with the Packers, I would like to see us get something out of the guy rather than just see him walk and wish him well. Of  course, that is all in the future but in a few short weeks the future will be NOW. It will be exciting to see this kid develop and so far I have loved his attitude on the field. In an effort to protect veteran starters, coach McCarthy will be limiting guys like Aaron to just the required reps to hit their targets. Enter Brett Hundley. The one question mark I have about Hundley is whether he may need to bulk up a bit to be able to handle the beating that NFL quarterbacks take on a regular basis. With more reps, Hundley will give insight into his durability as well and perhaps assuage that last concern. One thing is for certain, he has earned some serious reps with the Pack.

If the NFL has showed us one thing recently, it is that quarterbacks who are thrown into the fire tend to fail. The reason for this is partly that the quarterbacks that are forced to start as rookies usually occupy the position on the poorest teams in the league. This is a recipe for disaster but one that thankfully PackerNation has not had to worry about for a long time. Developing quarterbacks like Brett Hundley is not only good for the team, it is good for the game as down the road there is a competitive mix available for both the Packers (if necessary) and other teams in the league.

In the meantime, I am glad to have Aaron Rodgers starting and wouldn’t trade him for any other quarterback in the league and at the same time, I am excited to see Brett Hundley develop and know that he will be better for having this upcoming pre-season to hone his skills.

Go Pack!