2014 Draft

On The Eve Of Training Camp

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Well training camps have already begun for the Bears and the Vikes and Packers players report today. Football is almost here! One of the most exciting battles in this year's training camp is the battle for tight end. That position was left wide open with the injury to Jermichael Finley and heated up when the Packers drafted Richard Rodgers and signed undrafted Colt Lyerla. (more…)

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Jermichael Back in the Mix?

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Well, Jermichael Finley will undergo testing on his neck today, according to Tyler Dunne and I get the feeling that most Packers fans are not really holding their breath. The results of the test will be crucial in Finley's plan to return to football after his neck injury last season. But even if he passes the tests, another team may be more willing to risk money on Finley once (and if) contract negotiations begin. We would be mistaken to think that other teams are not watching Finley's progress closely and the Packers do not have a track record of paying…

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Mike McCarthy Press Conference: Rookie Orientation Day 1

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Mike McCarthy spoke to the media today briefly after rookie orientation, fielding questions about the new draft choices and undrafted free agents that Green Bay has brought on board. Here's the straight skinny from my point of view. In his usual no-nonsense demeanor, McCarthy answered questions as well as can be expected this early on in the process, saying that the goal of this orientation is to evaluate body movement, communication and the ability to process (more…)

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Seek Ye Out The Diamond In The Rough

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I made the comment before this year's draft that this may be the year that Green Bay gets another late round steal. And while I am with everyone who is excited about the Adams and Abbrederis picks (very excited), I am keeping my eye on Jeff Janis as a possible seventh rounder who could become Donald Driver-like in production. While Driver came out of Alcorn State but had freakish athleticism, Janis has a big body but with 4.4 speed, he can develop into a very good player on a team that already has the pieces in place but has shown…

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Forgotten Need Filled?

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Even though it is painful to read, most post-draft grades are going to be given solely on the basis of what needs each team filled and with how good a player(s) they filled them. In packernation, we all know that Ted Thompson does NOT draft for need unless two players are very closely ranked...then he will take need over best player available. Thompson made it clear that this is exactly the way this year's draft played out, explaining why the Packers ended the draft with three wide receiver choices as that was the deepest position in this year's draft. There…

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