2014 Playoffs

Immortal Inspiration III

  2 years ago     148 Views     4 Comments  

Just thinking of this today...It is the offseason but the Packers are putting together a team that can right the wrongs of last season! The Coach said it best... (more…)

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Can The Underdogs Dog the Big Dogs?

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Well the Packers are now in Seattle and the oddsmakers have the Pack as 7+ point underdogs. Over and over I hear how this game is gonna be a blowout by the Hawks. Aaron Rodgers is not going to be able to run unless something about his calf injury changes drastically in a day. And if you've ever had a calf injury...you know that is not the way it works. Apparently, the Seahawks even have better shoes with Marshawn Lynch's $1,100.00 gold cleats making headlines today. Well how can this poor, outclassed Green Bay Packers team deal with that? I got a few ideas...…

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NFC title game

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The packers will have a tough task this week attempting to beat the defending Super Bowl Champion Seahawks at Century-link Field, where the noise alone will be deafening and Rodgers & Co. will be facing the best defense in the NFL in the "Legion of Boom". (more…)

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