2014 Preseason

Packers Fans…BEST EVER ANYWHERE! Part 1

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While we were standing in the concourse of the Packers Titans game, watching the game on the screen between dry spells, we decided to introduce ourselves to a few people. What we found will be no surprise to anyone...give a click and say "Hi" to some of the best fans in the world... And if you don't know what the "Green Cheese Box" is...read on and get the answer in part two of this post. (more…)

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AM Quickslant: A Wet Start to the Preseason

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The Packers preseason kicked off with a clash with the Titans at LP Field last night and the game couldn't have been...wetter! Shortly before the game, thunderstorms circled the area threatening to end our chances of seeing any football at all. But by game-time things had gotten a whole lot better...no thunder, no lightning...just torrential rain. We entered LP Field...well it might be more accurate to say we scuttled in like a couple of drowned rats, with football on our minds and hope in our hearts that our tickets could still be read by the scanners. Heck, I think we…

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Ready for Assault & Peppers

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Is the league ready for the Packers' new Assault & Peppers? Offensive coordinators will be doing a lot of guessing in 2014 when they meet the Packers. Teams won't be able to focus on Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers will finally get to move around the field like he's always wanted. Here's a taste of what's coming at NFL QBs this season. (more…)

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What 2 Watch 4: The Offseason Ends TODAY!

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Well, even though it is not the regular season, the offseason ends today. Packernation will be once again able to see their team collide with an opponent for the first time since the end of last season. In a year in which even Family Night did not have a scrimmage, Packers fans should be pretty pumped. Well we all know that the starters will be taking very few reps until the third preseason game and we also know that the Packers are not going to be pulling out all the stops in the preseason anyway. The defenses will be pretty…

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Yes…Preseason Games Are Important

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So the preseason is here and every year the same derision slices through Packernation as people take sides on whether or not the games are important. Let me make it clear...THEY ARE! Are the points important?...no. Are wins and losses important?...no. Do we play too many preseason games?...perhaps. But live action contact football against another NFL team is CRITICAL to the progress of each NFL team in each NFL year. Here's why? (more…)

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