2014 Game Review

Week 9 Takeaways

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Perhaps it was wishful thinking that the Packers’ deep-rooted issues on both sides of the football would be resolved in just one week of practice. Green Bay’s stagnant offense and inconsistencies on defense followed the team from Denver to Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte – which has emerged as a likely candidate for hosting at least one playoff game in January. (more…)

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Just Wait Til BJ and Burnette Get Back

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Yet again, the Packers' defense comes out the hero in a game where the offense missed some chances to get points on the board (though keep in mind we put up 27). The tackling in this game was looked like this...Nate Palmer (9 tackles 2 assists) and the Packers' defensive backfield - 38 tackles. Yes, Philip Rivers threw the ball a LOT. The most important thing, however, is the points on the board at the end of the game and the Packers' defense got it done. The reward? Go into the bye week with a 6-0 record and get healthy. The…

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Blast from the Past: Aaron Rodgers Drafted

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This video speaks for itself. The drafting of Aaron Rodgers is one of those moments in time that can only be described as watershed moments...Check it out, and if you like it, give Basaraski Productions a sub: (more…)

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UnPACK the Play: First Play from Scrimmage, Pack Versus Pats 2014

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The NFL announced yesterday that the Packers will once again face the Patriots in the 2015 preseason. The Packers Pats game of 2014 was an epic struggle. Let's unpack the first play from scrimmage to see just how the Packers pressured the team that would eventually be crowned the Super Bowl champs. The Packers take advantage of the Patriots' respect for their high-powered offense but the play defeats their defensive set. This one goes to Mike McCarthy and the Green Bay Packers: (more…)

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