2014 Game Review

Rant That Can’t Wait

  3 years ago     256 Views     35 Comments  

In a game where the defense pulled out all the stops, gave the ball back to our offense three times, and harassed Matthew Stafford all day long, I have a rant that can't wait... CLICK the link and tell me what I missed cuz I'm so mad, I'm sure there is something... (more…)

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AM Quickslant: Highlights Anyone?

  3 years ago     80 Views     1 Comment  

Jordy Nelson put up 209 yards in the Packers comeback win against the Jets Sunday. The Packers, with the win, squared themselves up with the rest of the division at 1-1. If the second half of Sunday's game is an indicator of a growing Packers identity, good things are coming our way, Packernation. The change may be just in time as the Packers hit a critical three-game stretch against division opponents. The only game to be played at Lambeau is the last, versus the Vikings. Facing the Lions and the Bears on their home turf is a daunting task for…

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1 Hero in 3 Plays

  3 years ago     71 Views     2 Comments  

There is one player who made the difference in the game against the Jets yesterday. I have a hunch that no one else in the Packers blogosphere knows who it is. If they do...they are not going to talk about it. But I am here to tell the truth. When the offense was out of sync, and the defense couldn't stop the Jets, there was a Packers player who stayed cool and made ALL of his plays. Who is it? Well let me ask Packernation first...if you know who it is, comment on Facebook and then READ the post. SHARE it too...if…

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Morning After Rant and Rave

  3 years ago     94 Views     11 Comments  

The morning after each game is a good time to blow off some steam after a big loss or huzzah a big win. What do the Packers need to work on? What did they do well? Each game has its share of little victories and little gripes...let's call it R&R..."Rant" and "Rave". So here is my take on the game... (more…)

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What We Learned Against the Jets

  3 years ago     93 Views     5 Comments  

One of very few benefits to the Packers’ season opening match in Seattle two Thursdays ago was the extra time allowed to identify and correct issues that went wrong against the defending champs. A 21-3 deficit midway through the first half of Green Bay’s Week 2 game versus the Jets suggested that the game film from Seattle never actually made it back to the Packers practice facilities. In a sloppy and somewhat-undeserved victory over New York, the Packers continued to commit familiar mistakes, ranging from simple miscommunication to unsportsmanlike conduct penalties to confusion on defensive personnel groups. The first half…

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