2014 Game Review

Pic Your Poison Part 1: Davante Adams and Richard Rodgers

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2014 showed that the Packers offense is, frankly, a juggernaut. Two rookies that made a difference at positions where that is difficult to do (wide receiver and tight end) in this league will now be coming back after a season full of experiences, good and bad. This experience, combined with the veteran presence of Pro-Bowler Jordy Nelson and the ever-dangerous Randall Cobb will give defenses fits in 2015. Add to that the up-and-coming Jeff Janis and a healthy Jared Abbrederis and the Packers receiver corps will force defenses to "pick their poison". We will highlight all these guys in successive…

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VIDEO: Full Season Review

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Well, it has taken a long time...but I was finally ready for a full-season highlight review. It is still bittersweet, and the reality is that you have to take the bad with the good...but there was a LOT of good that happened last season. Here it is: (more…)

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VIDEO: Eddie Lacy Highlights

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Eddie Lacy has been such a great addition to the Packers team. Every time I watch him run, I get stoked for the 2015 season when the Packers roll out a team renewed with new young talent and, perhaps, a free agent acquisition or two. But whatever the case, Eddie Lacy is going to be a big part of the Packers success in 2015. Here is to Eddie...stay healthy and keep truckin! (more…)

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What We Learned in the NFC Championship Game

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Postseason heartbreak has become a familiar sentiment for Packers fans of late. Sunday’s defensive meltdown in the game’s final minutes was the Packers’ fourth overtime defeat under Mike McCarthy – the second in an NFC championship game. Despite owning a 16-point lead mid-way into the third quarter – and a 12-point lead with less than four minutes to play – the defense crumbled and gave way to the improbable. (more…)

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