2014 Game Review

R&R: Rants and Raves by Jeff

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Packers fans will feel the sting of this loss for the entire off-season. But sometimes,¬†you have to look at things from a different angle to gain perspective. I was heart broken like everyone else last night and wanted all the coaching staff to be fired, but putting it in perspective, it was a great season for the most part and I feel blessed to be a Packers fan. Rants You would think with a loss I would have a ton but the players actually did a very good job this game right up to the end. Coach McCarthy needs to…

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R&R By Jeff

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Rants I, for one, was not happy with the way McCarthy called the game for the most part. He started out great with pounding the ball with Lacy/Starks and short passes so Rodgers could get the ball out fast and not have to scramble to take a chance of further injuring his calf. But after the first drive he did a 180 and tried forcing the ball down field. Going into halftime being down 14-10 was the first time since the first home game the Packers did not go into the locker room with a lead. After they came out…

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NO CATCH…Absolutely the Correct Call

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Well, this morning the football world is complaining about a call that the refs got absolutely correct. Sure it took a replay to get it right (overturned completion) but in the end, the NFL came through on this one. It boggles my mind that so many still have no idea that a receiver must maintain possession throughout the act of a catch when they go to the ground. Maybe us Packers fans just know it because of Calvin Johnson and Co. who did not know the rule back when it was instituted. Here is Mike Pereira, former Vice President of…

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How Sweet is Victory Formation!!!

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So the Packers survive a scare from the Cowboys but pull it off to move on to the NFC Championship game! What say you, Packernation! Eddie Lacy on the ground and Randall Cobb through the air helped the Packers move on. Packernation, we are in the Championship of the NFC! So the stage is now set for a rematch with the Seattle Seahawks. Packers got something special comin' up! Wow! What a game and what a win for our beloved Green Bay Packers. We will be back with more analysis but for now, just enjoy the victory and let's get…

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3 Things To Watch For: Cardinals Versus Panthers

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While it may seem like a long-shot to think the Lions will beat the Cowboys in Arlington, it is a possibility. And if it does¬†happen, tonights wildcard win by the Carolina Panthers over the Arizona Cardinals sends the Panthers to Lambeau for the Divisional Round. Here are three things on the good side and the bad side that the Panthers bring to the table: Will it be enough to challenge the "house-protecting" Pack in a week? Well that remains to be seen but I think most of Packernation will like our chances if it works out that way. (more…)

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