2015 Game Preview

Go Pack Go! The Pre-Arizona Atrium

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Nobody but Packernation knows that this team can beat the Cardinals. NOBODY! Yes, the team has had its share of offensive struggles and without Davante Adams, young players will have to step up. But the Pack can get it done...check out the video and let us know what your keys to the game are. (more…)

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Thoughts: Vikings Versus Seahawks

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As the Vikings/Seahawks game wanes...this is a thought just in case the NFC North representatives get it done. Yeah, I know it is a hypothetical and the Packers have a long way to go before they can go the distance but I am interested in thoughts on this one. (more…)

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Washington Awaits…Will it be Won or Done?

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Since week 14, the Packers offensive line has given up 18 sacks...on the other hand, the Washington Redskins have sacked opposing quarterbacks 17 times since week 14, more than any other defense (yeah, that includes the Cardinals). Suffice it to say that the Packers have their work cut out for them if they want to advance in this year's playoffs. (more…)

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