2015 offseason'

Ron Wolf Inducted Into NFL Hall Of Fame

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Well...Ron Wolf- one of the greatest General Managers of all time and the man responsible for bringing both Brett Favre AND Reggie White to Green Bay- has officially been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame! Brought to the Packers in 1991, Ron Wolf quickly hired one Mike Holmgren to be head coach of the Green Bay Packers. Shortly thereafter, Wolf brought Brett Favre to the team. Then in 1993, Reggie White signed with the club as the most sought after free agent and boy, did Reggie perform! (more…)

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CLICK to Pick…Super Bowl XLIX Predictions

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Well Packernation, another Super Bowl is almost here. Another season that ended in disappointment, but at the same time, the beginning of a new season brings hope for yet another Green Bay Packers championship. For now, we watch the final football game of the season for the love of the sport...knowing that neither of these teams is better than our Green Bay Packers. But like they say, "That is why they play the game", and Packers fans must endure it.  (more…)

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Everyone in Packernation Should Be Aware Of This…

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A long time ago...I had to tell three children that their Father was not coming home from the hospital. He had not died in service...but he had died because of it, I posted in his memory here. This story touched me, and I hope it will touch you. The source is ItsAaron.com and you can also subscribe to the YouTube channel of the same name. Here is the story...it reminds us of the great things that charity organizations in Wisconsin (and all over the world) are doing: (more…)

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Free Agency Part I: Which FA’s Should the Packers PURSUE

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As always, free agency is a big part of constructing next year's team. Who to sign, who to let walk, how to balance cap space against team needs and who can we replace in the draft. Ted Thompson is not a big mover in free agency and looks to sign his players first. The reasoning behind this is that you know your players much better than you know players from another team, which makes you more likely to be able to predict their work ethic and how they will perform under a big new contract.  (more…)

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