2015 offseason'

Who Will Be The Packers Toughest Opponent In 2015?

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The Packers opponents...recently set by the league constitute the Packers next shot at going the distance, righting wrongs...and beating the Seahawks. But the Pack also has to play the Niners, Cardinals and Cowboys again next year. Will the Bears be re-tooled into a contender and will the Lions be the same kind of force they were this year? Who do you think will be the toughest challenge for the Packers next season?  (more…)

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Looking forward to 2015

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With the sting of the game still lingering in our thoughts it is hard to look forward but that is just what we need to do. The management will be making some tough decisions in the next few weeks about free agents, etc. The one that most fans are worried about is Randall Cobb, the way he played this year made him a high priority as a slot receiver but the real question is how high did he make his price tag? Ted Thompson is the best at keeping the Packers salary cap in order but with Cobb's play this…

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Remember Packernation…This Guy Is Coming Back!

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I can't wait to see him healthy and after a whole season working out and stayin' hungry! How do ya like our receiver corps now...With Jordy, hopefully Randall signed (pay the man!), Adams coming on and this guy. If the Packers can get a stud TE and maybe ILB in the draft it would be a great way to begin righting the wrongs of the 2014 season-ending meltdown. Next Christmas...when the Jared jewelry commercials are out...Packers fans will have a very different thing in mind when they hear the words..."HE WENT TO JARED!" (more…)

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RIP: Mike McCarthy’s Brother Dead at 47

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We in Packernation feel the pain of defeat with our team like no other fan-base in the NFL. We know that our head coach Mike McCarthy was already hurting when he received even worse news...that his brother Joseph McCarthy III had collapsed unexpectedly and passed. Coach...we in Packernation are sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sad and difficult time. May family, close friends and warm memories be of some comfort to you as you mourn. We in Packernation are saddened by this...we will be sending warm thoughts your way. There…

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