2015 offseason'

Brett Favre: “I Can Still Play”

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Brett Favre had some things to say about his ability at age 45. Speaking on Sports Illustrated's "Where Are They Now?" series, the former Packer said that though he couldn't do everything required to lead a team..he could still play. (more…)

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Packernation Poll: Head to Head

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The Packers' defense is a bit in flux this offseason. If there is one worry Packernation has about the 2015 team, it is the defense. In particular, the cornerback and inside linebacker positions have plenty of hopefuls...and plenty of question marks. Which position group do you think (more…)

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A Big Question Mark

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The Packers' defense came out of free agency minus a few household names. The exit of AJ Hawk and Tramon Williams was not entirely unexpected as each of those players had lost a step (or, as some would say...never had that step in the first place). Tramon Williams, to me, had been living on his veteran savvy in spite of his age for a second year in a row and the Seattle game in particular cast that fact in sharp relief on the TV screens of Packers fans everywhere. But there was more to the story than Tramon Williams. (more…)

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GPN Poll: The Result of the Changes

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A lot of people are talking about how the Packers offense won't change at all because all the starters are returning. But there was on big change. Communication and the execution of the gameplan are paramount in NFL football games. Our offense excels at execution and we are returning all starters. But that one big change...that one big change may make a difference. (more…)

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A.M. Quickslant: 3 Reasons to Speak of the Soft Spoken One

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The talk of the 2014 off-season has not been heard from or spoken of this off-season. Maybe it is because silence is his M.O. Maybe the guy just wants to make his statements out on the gridiron (that is fine with me). But on thing is for sure, I am not overlooking the importance of Julius Peppers to the Packers' chances for reaching their goals in 2015. (more…)

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