2015 Players

A.M. Quickslant: Around the League and Home Again

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Packers fans saw James Jones come on a strong in an otherwise somewhat lackluster Packers performance that did as much to highlight the Packers' defensive shortcomings as anything else. The fact of the matter, though, is that the Packers are 1-0 and won their first season opener since the 42-34 win over the Saints in 2011. And while the road doesn't get any easier, another game and another week of practice with some game film to show the errors will help in correcting especially the defense which was gashed by Matt Forte for 141 yards. With the Packers' defeat of…

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Who’s Two on the Green Bay Packers: 3 Scenarios for the Bears Game

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The Packers take on the Bears in Chicago on Sunday and the Packers wide receiver corps is anything but the "picture of health and completeness" that we were expecting. With Jordy Nelson out, the Packers brought in James Jones and while Randall Cobb is planning to play, a sprained shoulder can't help but hamper him especially when the ball is thrown high. What I want to know is who will end up being the number two in this game. Not the number two on the roster, but number two in impact in the Bears game. We all know that the…

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The Domino Effect: Did Thompson Make the Right Move?

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With the opener against Da Bears right around the corner Ted Thompson did something he is strongly against by bringing in a veteran free agent (James Jones) to fill a position otherwise occupied by their young developmental players. With Jordy Nelson going down for the season it looked like Cobb and Adams would step into the spotlight and Myles White, Jeff Janis and Ty Montgomery would follow suit in being the next man up but with the signing of Jones that all changed. (more…)

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Mike McCarthy: “It’s Time To Play”

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Mike McCarthy addressed the media this afternoon and was very happy to have James Jones back in the fold. It is yet to be seen how Jones will be implemented in the season opener as he has new installs to learn and no time at all to do it. The concepts are the same though and Jones will be focusing on that for the Bears game come Sunday. (more…)

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