2015 Game Preview

Breaking Down Week 4 vs. the 49ers

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If the Packers were searching for redemption last week against a Kansas City club that spoiled their perfect regular season in 2011, they should be equally as motivated this week to take down a Forty-Niner team that has beaten Green Bay four straight times since the start of the 2012 season. (more…)

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Hot Read: U B The D.C.

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When the Packers play the 49'ers on Sunday, it will not be the same team that has seemed to have their number in recent memory. I mean, this is the team that gave Reggie Bush a job. And Colin Kaepernick is coming off one of the worst performances by any quarterback for a number of years with two pick sixes...two in the first two offensive series. The list of losses to the 'Niners' Super bowl team start with Frank Gore and are too many to count. But the team still has a few weapons.  Carlos Hyde has been serviceable and Vernon Davis…

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Packernation Head to Head Poll: Who Will It Be?

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The Packers are a bit banged up on offense and with the Kansas City Chiefs coming to town, that is NOT a good thing. The Chiefs' defense is their strength and the Packers will need to have a good rushing attack to keep the defensive line of the Chiefs honest. A couple of game-time decisions make this an even more interesting matchup in that Packers' running back Eddie Lacy and wide receiver Davante Adams may or may not play. (more…)

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Hot Read: Around the Division

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The Packers look to go 3-0 and that would bode well for the lofty goals of the team. In 1996, the Packers went 3-0 and finished the season 13-3 and the Brett Favre-led Packers won the Super Bowl for the first time since the Lombardi era. There is no question what is on the Packers' bucket list this year and going 3-0 against a very good Kansas City team would bode well. But a win tonight would also bode well for the Packers' shorter term goal of winning the division. With a win, the Packers will stay a full game…

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