2015 Game Preview

Prediction Friday: Packers Versus Raiders

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A big thanks to everyone who posted their predictions! I'm sorry if I didn't get to yours. Gave a few shoutouts for close predictions and then on to YOUR predictions for the Raiders game. Then I chimed in and we finished with J.R.'s prediction for the game. (more…)

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Oh, We’ll Understand it Better Bye and Bye…

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This final three weeks of the NFL regular season are going to be off the hook. The Packers are still playing for a first round bye and the schedule makes practically theirs to command. With a head-to-head match-up with the Cardinals in a couple weeks, the Packers have the opportunity, if they can beat them in the regular season, to leap frog their seeding with a tie record. This, of course, assumes that they win out which will be no small feat the way the Raiders and upstart Vikings are playing. It also requires another Cardinal lossĀ aside fromĀ the game against…

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